Groupe Medico-Dentaire Du Haut Lac

Médecins-Dentistes / Orthodontie / Parodontie Cabinets dentaires à Puidoux, Saint-légier et Froideville


Welcome to our website !

Welcome to our multispeciality Dental Practices !

Ideally situated between Montreux and Lausanne, our practices, gathering general dental surgeons and specialists, provides first class dental cares in a modern and relaxed environment.

Our dynamic team ensures an optimal coverage of the dental problems encountered both in adults and children, according to the standards set up by the Swiss Dental Society (SSO). It consists of Doctors Alain Claramunt and Gabriel Isaiu, who dedicate themselves to the general cares, Doctor Alice Duvoisin, who specialises in the treatment of children and of two specialists, Doctors Jean-Daniel Portigheis, Periodontist and Denis Paulus, Orthodontist.

Therefore, we covers all domains of dental art: emergency service, scaling & polish, conservative dentistry, fixed & removable prosthodontics, cosmetic procedures, periodontology, implant placement, TMJ disorders, oral surgery and orthodontics.

Our state of the art equipments include, in particular, a complete rigorous sterilisation chain and a 3D digital radiology device, which allows a very precise implant placement, impacted wisdom tooth extraction and dentofacial orthopaedic planning. We also can use optical impressions for your comfort and provide laser treatments.

We also collaborate with an anesthesiologist, who comes to the practice with his team when treatments under general anaesthesia are needed.

Building from our experience and our will to associate specific skills, the context of our work joins in a spirit of collaboration which, we hope, will deserve your trust and will arouse your long-term satisfaction.

New patients

The initial consultation will start with a discussion regarding any dental concerns you may have.

At the first appointment, we ask you to complete a medical history form. This helps ensure that before we examine your mouth, we are aware of any important medical factors that could affect your treatment. Then we will make a full analysis of your teeth, jaw and soft tissues inside your mouth. We take any necessary radiographs. All of this gives us an accurate picture of your oral health, and allows us to discuss the examination findings and all possible treatment options with you.

No treatment is usually carried out on this first visit, unless it is to alleviate pain or you request us to do so.

Meet the team


Docteur Denis PAULUS


Orthodontiste - Puidoux, Saint-Légier et Froideville Orthodontie - Orthopédie Dentofaciale

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Docteur Alain CLARAMUNT

Docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Médecin-dentiste - Puidoux, Saint-Légier et Froideville Médecine-Dentaire Omnipratique

( + )

Docteur Jean-Daniel PORTIGHEIS

Docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Médecin-Dentiste/Parodontologie - Puidoux, Saint-Légier et Froideville Implantologie – Parodontologie – Chirurgie buccale

( + )
Gabriel ISAIU

Docteur Gabriel ISAIU

Docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Médecin-dentiste - Froideville Médecine-Dentaire Omnipratique

( + )

Docteur Alice DUVOISIN

Docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Médecin-dentiste, pédodontie - Puidoux, Saint-Légier et Froideville

( + )
Mariya Mercier MELNIKOVA

Docteur Mariya Mercier MELNIKOVA

Docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Médecin-Dentiste, Puidoux et St-Légier

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Sofia Duro VILELA

Docteur Sofia Duro VILELA

Docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Orthodontiste, Puidoux et Froideville

( + )
Isabelle CHARLET

Madame Isabelle CHARLET


Puidoux - Saint-Légier

( + )
Stéphanie REY

Madame Stéphanie REY

Responsable administrative

Puidoux - Saint-Légier - Froideville

( + )

Madame Melody MAURON

Assistante dentaire qualifiée

Puidoux - Saint-Légier

( + )

Madame Sonia TAVARES

Assistante dentaire qualifiée

Puidoux - Saint-Légier

( + )
Lavdije BALAJ

Madame Lavdije BALAJ

Assistante dentaire diplômée

Puidoux - Saint-Légier

( + )

Madame Joëlle MONNET

Assistante dentaire qualifiée


( + )
Mildred Dos Santos

Madame Mildred DOS SANTOS

Hygiéniste dentaire

Puidoux - St-Légier - Froideville

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Anita Dordevic
Anita Dordevic
Anita Dordevic Assistante en prophylaxie Puidoux, St-Légier

Anita Dordevic

Assistante en prophylaxie

Puidoux, St-Légier

Why choose us

We spend time with our patients in a relaxed but professional atmosphere. Our practice is dedicated in providing you with all types of dental treatments, be it cosmetic procedures or family dentistry.

We secure and maintain your oral health, thus minimising your risk of dental problems and the need for dental treatment in future.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest standard of general and specialist dental care at all times.


Preventive dentistry : Oral hygiene – Brushing – Gum treatments

General and cosmetic dentistry : Crowns – Bridges - Fissure sealants – White fillings

Whitening – Veneers - Composite inlays - Partial and complete dentures

Specialist dentistry : Implants - Root canal therapy